Friday, December 26, 2008

The beauty of hummingbirds in your garden

During the last spring time my wife notice a few hummingbird in our garden. The hummingbird was looking for food and was flying on top of our big bloom flowers. She was watching the hummingbirds for a hour and decided to called me. On that day we decided to put a few hummingbird feeders in our garden to attracted the birds. There are many things that we had to understand to attracted the birds to our garden every years.

First is the feeders that we must place it in a safe place away from squirrel and others big insects and the area we place it must be under shape of trees or home made shape. Hummingbirds feeders are made of glass which are the most beauty and easy to clean when place in the garden. others are plastic, ceramic and woods. The colors of hummingbirds feeders must be of bright colors such as red, orange or yellow. The birds like small insects like spider for their foods. Fruits such as papaya or banana are put inside the feeders. Drinks such as sugar mixture with warm water is provide to the birds.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Creating your backyard with humming bird feeders.

If you had a big garden with plenty of plants and flowers and also love to watch the beautiful tiny hummingbirds flew in and out of your garden by creating your backyard with humming bird feeders. Hummingbirds feeders comes in difference design, material, colors and size. You cam make your hummingbird feeders and hang on the tree or a self make stand to place your hummingbird feeders away from others big incest that can attack the humming birds. Red colors humming feeders attracted more birds to your feeders then other colors.

Glass hummingbirds feeders looks more elegant, beautiful and easy to clean but once its drop it is gone. for me I prefer a glass feeders which I can place under shape of my many trees. I used to offer variety of feeds for the bird excluding the flowers in my garden. I even make a bathing and drinking area for the birds and you can observed many hummingbirds flocking over there to have their bath and quench their thirst.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

hummingbirds gets its energy are from flower nectar and sugar water

Hummingbirds are one of a colorful tiny birds which you admired looking from your house window. Some would like to hang it near its window so to had a closer look at the hummingbirds. Most people will hangs their hummingbird feeders under the shape of the tree which a made pole to avoid big incests and squirrels. Most hummingbirds will return to their feeders when every spring arrived. When changing a new humming birds feeders a old one must be place to the new one until the hummingbirds are used to it.

The foods that the hummingbirds gets its energy are from flower nectar and sugar water inside their feeders. the water sugar are place by the bird watcher is a sugar mixed with warm water. they also consume soft body incest and spiders for protein and nutrients. Fruits like over ripe papaya and banana for the hummingbirds but care and changes must be make daily to keep the feeders clean.

Choosing a hummingbirds feeders was not much a problem as all hummingbirds will attract to the feeders if the place is clean and the feeders of bright colors and the sugar nectar juice is place inside the feeders. If you had big garden with many beautiful and colorful flowers in your garden you can expect more hummingbirds to the feeders.


Friday, February 29, 2008

To attracted humming bird to your garden

To attracted humming bird to your garden every spring time, some homeworks has to be done. First we had to make a hummingbird feeders or buy it from any pet shop or even from internet online. Todays hummingbirds feeders comes with attractive design and colors and even the materials used are easily to clean. All you had to do is hang up your hummingbird feeders before spring time, under the shape of the tree or any place except away from the hot sun and other insect that take away their lives.

To add to the attraction fruits such as banana or papaya are place inside the humming birds feeders and a kinds of self make juice, (is sugar stir with warm water) are place inside. The self make juice has to be change every one or two days. As humming birds like clean area, the feeders has to be clean every one days. If care is taken of, you are sure that the humming bird will returns the next spring.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Turning your garden into a hobby by attracting humming birds

During spring time many people turns their garden into a hobby by attracting humming birds to their garden as hummingbird is the smallest birds in the world with beautiful feathers for people to admire. When spring time about to arrive I will place as many hummingbirds feeders at my garden. Most of my hummingbirds feeders are of glass and of a shape of house and lamps. A glass feeders are easily to clean and besides you can watch and admired the birds inside.

When the season arrived a self made nectar juice, warm water mixed with sugar are place inside the hummingbird feeders, a small insect as a food for them. Make sure that the hummingbirds are safe from squirrel, snake and other big insect. If the hummingbirds is attracted to your feeders this spring time they will definate returns the next spring.


Monday, September 10, 2007

My hobby attracting humming birds

Humming bird season is in spring time where most people who has the hobby of attracting humming bird to their place has already put up their hummingbird feeders on the tree tops or the corridor of the house. Hummingbird feeders nows comes in many patterns, design and colours. To attract hummingbird to your place all you had to do, is to place as many hummingbird feeders in your garden, under the shape of the tree safe from other insecet and squirrels.

As humming birds are the most tiny and colourful birds and one of the most beautiful birds to admire. So your humming bird feeders should be bright in colours and a glass feeders under a safe place would be very much appriciate. The food for the hummingbirds is a small insecet and the juice is make of water with sugar. The home of the humming bird feeders must be kept clean most of the time. If the humming is attracted to your place this spring there will return the next spring.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

spider and smaller insects are hummingbird favourite food

Hummingbird feeders are made of glass, ceramic, or plastic and humming feeders comes in many design and colours. You can buy your humming feeders from bird shop or make it yourself. The design of humming bird can be of a bottle a tiny glass house and must be paint of bright colour. Make sure when you hanged your humming feeders in your selected place that the bird can notice it and beside where you can easily view from your home the hummingbird resting in your feeders.

You can place as many humming feeders in your home as humming bird is a selfish bird which would'nt want to share their feeders with others birds. Make sure your feeders is save from others animals like squirrel and big insects. Make sure that the feeders is clean quite regular and a nectals juice, a mixture of water and sugar should be change everyday. Besides the nectal juice small insects and spider are the favourite for the birds.


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