Friday, February 29, 2008

To attracted humming bird to your garden

To attracted humming bird to your garden every spring time, some homeworks has to be done. First we had to make a hummingbird feeders or buy it from any pet shop or even from internet online. Todays hummingbirds feeders comes with attractive design and colors and even the materials used are easily to clean. All you had to do is hang up your hummingbird feeders before spring time, under the shape of the tree or any place except away from the hot sun and other insect that take away their lives.

To add to the attraction fruits such as banana or papaya are place inside the humming birds feeders and a kinds of self make juice, (is sugar stir with warm water) are place inside. The self make juice has to be change every one or two days. As humming birds like clean area, the feeders has to be clean every one days. If care is taken of, you are sure that the humming bird will returns the next spring.


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