Friday, December 26, 2008

The beauty of hummingbirds in your garden

During the last spring time my wife notice a few hummingbird in our garden. The hummingbird was looking for food and was flying on top of our big bloom flowers. She was watching the hummingbirds for a hour and decided to called me. On that day we decided to put a few hummingbird feeders in our garden to attracted the birds. There are many things that we had to understand to attracted the birds to our garden every years.

First is the feeders that we must place it in a safe place away from squirrel and others big insects and the area we place it must be under shape of trees or home made shape. Hummingbirds feeders are made of glass which are the most beauty and easy to clean when place in the garden. others are plastic, ceramic and woods. The colors of hummingbirds feeders must be of bright colors such as red, orange or yellow. The birds like small insects like spider for their foods. Fruits such as papaya or banana are put inside the feeders. Drinks such as sugar mixture with warm water is provide to the birds.


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