Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Attracting humming birds in spring

When spring is about to arrive humming birds feeders can be find in many shops and markets. There are many design, shape and colours of humming birds feeders haning on the shops. Some humming birds feeders are make of glass as it can easily be clean and maintain. Special cares has to look as ones fall is broken and besides it is more expensive then plastic and woods. The colours of humming birds feeders has to be of bright colours like orange or yellow as this colours ieasily attracted the humming birds.

The humming birds feeders has to be place in a shape area near the trees and has to be clean every two days as the humming birds will not stay if it is dirty. A self make nectar juice, suger mixed with water is place inside the humming birds feeders and has to be change everyday. If the humming birds is attracted to your place this spring it will definate be back the next spring.

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