Tuesday, July 17, 2007

spider and smaller insects are hummingbird favourite food

Hummingbird feeders are made of glass, ceramic, or plastic and humming feeders comes in many design and colours. You can buy your humming feeders from bird shop or make it yourself. The design of humming bird can be of a bottle a tiny glass house and must be paint of bright colour. Make sure when you hanged your humming feeders in your selected place that the bird can notice it and beside where you can easily view from your home the hummingbird resting in your feeders.

You can place as many humming feeders in your home as humming bird is a selfish bird which would'nt want to share their feeders with others birds. Make sure your feeders is save from others animals like squirrel and big insects. Make sure that the feeders is clean quite regular and a nectals juice, a mixture of water and sugar should be change everyday. Besides the nectal juice small insects and spider are the favourite for the birds.


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