Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring humming birds season

Spring season is on the way as household are preparing their humming bird feeder to attracted the coming humming birds to their place. Gardens where there are lots of colourful flowers are the main attraction for the humming birds. As these flowers provide the natural nectars juice fot the humming birds. Humming birds is a very colourful and the most smallest birds in the world thats makes so many people so interested to attract the birds back to their place every spring times.

The humming birds feeders has to be very cleans and the colours of the humming bird feeders should be of very bright such as bright yellow, light blue, orange and should be place under the shape of a three or the front size of your home. The humming bird feeders should be clean every one or two days and a self make nectar juice (sugar mixed with water) place inside the feeders and change it everyday.If things goes well you would see the humming birds back again the next spring.


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