Monday, November 19, 2007

Turning your garden into a hobby by attracting humming birds

During spring time many people turns their garden into a hobby by attracting humming birds to their garden as hummingbird is the smallest birds in the world with beautiful feathers for people to admire. When spring time about to arrive I will place as many hummingbirds feeders at my garden. Most of my hummingbirds feeders are of glass and of a shape of house and lamps. A glass feeders are easily to clean and besides you can watch and admired the birds inside.

When the season arrived a self made nectar juice, warm water mixed with sugar are place inside the hummingbird feeders, a small insect as a food for them. Make sure that the hummingbirds are safe from squirrel, snake and other big insect. If the hummingbirds is attracted to your feeders this spring time they will definate returns the next spring.


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