Friday, July 18, 2008

Creating your backyard with humming bird feeders.

If you had a big garden with plenty of plants and flowers and also love to watch the beautiful tiny hummingbirds flew in and out of your garden by creating your backyard with humming bird feeders. Hummingbirds feeders comes in difference design, material, colors and size. You cam make your hummingbird feeders and hang on the tree or a self make stand to place your hummingbird feeders away from others big incest that can attack the humming birds. Red colors humming feeders attracted more birds to your feeders then other colors.

Glass hummingbirds feeders looks more elegant, beautiful and easy to clean but once its drop it is gone. for me I prefer a glass feeders which I can place under shape of my many trees. I used to offer variety of feeds for the bird excluding the flowers in my garden. I even make a bathing and drinking area for the birds and you can observed many hummingbirds flocking over there to have their bath and quench their thirst.


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