Monday, September 10, 2007

My hobby attracting humming birds

Humming bird season is in spring time where most people who has the hobby of attracting humming bird to their place has already put up their hummingbird feeders on the tree tops or the corridor of the house. Hummingbird feeders nows comes in many patterns, design and colours. To attract hummingbird to your place all you had to do, is to place as many hummingbird feeders in your garden, under the shape of the tree safe from other insecet and squirrels.

As humming birds are the most tiny and colourful birds and one of the most beautiful birds to admire. So your humming bird feeders should be bright in colours and a glass feeders under a safe place would be very much appriciate. The food for the hummingbirds is a small insecet and the juice is make of water with sugar. The home of the humming bird feeders must be kept clean most of the time. If the humming is attracted to your place this spring there will return the next spring.


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