Thursday, May 10, 2007

Glass hummingbird feeder enhance the charm of any backyard

Humming birds the worlds smallest bird and has many brilliant colors to give the people easily to notice of its arrived. This hummingbird will returns every spring and fly away to other tropical countries during cold seasons. Hummingbirds rely heavily on flowers and prepared nectar for their energy needs and small insects for protein. Before spring arrived many people will place their hummingbird feeders at their garden to attracted the humming birds.

Hummingbird feeders come in many different colours, styles and shapes. Some are beautifully hand blown glass bulbs that enhance the charm of any backyard garden. Glass hummingbird feeders is quite expensive compare to the plastic and wooden hummingbird feeders. But once it fall is gone, the good parts of glass feeders is, easily to clean, colourful and beautiful when placing on top of the shape tree in your garden. To attracted the humming birds the colours of the feeders must paint in bright colours such as red, pink or orange.

Self make nectar juice, water mixed with sugar to be place and must be change every two days. The feeders must be clean every two days because the hummingbirds will not stay if the feeder is dirty. Once the birds stays in your feeder this spring it will mostly returns the next spring.


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